The IELTS Team Learning Materials

Cambridge IELTS Materials

Cambridge Practice Tests for IELTS 1 to 13  – real IELTS tests with audio data, all answers and model essays.
Cambridge Vocabulary for IELTS  – Vocabulary lists, exercises with audios.


Writing Answer sheets – academic and general official blanks
Modal Essay Templates – templates for all essay types from students
Modal Letter Templates – templates for all possible IELTS letters from students
Corrected and scored real essays and letters – Large collection of real IELTS essays and letters with trainer corrections and scores from 5 to 9 bands
Band 9 Essays from best students  – Learn to write essays from our best students


IELTS Listenind Tests – Listening tests in video format with answers


Full Phrasal Verbs List from A to Z – verbs with examples 6 pages in PDF