Band 9 Essays from Best Students

Essay 1.

Environmental degradation has become a serious issue over the past century. Economic growth and prosperity of developed countries are considered to be among the most significant reasons for the ecological crisis nowadays. This essay will put forward a notion that the contribution of economically developed countries to the increase of pollution and other ecological damage is unavoidable. The analysis of the exploitation of natural resources and air pollution will prove the above stated position.

First, developed countries construct vast industrial systems, for instance, factories producing Coca-Cola or Toyotas. These enormous manufacturing facilities cannot function without emission of damaging for environment chemicals. Therefore, air and water pollution is mostly caused by numerous plants erected by rich countries. Hence, it is obvious that an integral part of economic prosperity and development is an increased pollution.

Second, it is well-known that wealthy nations are responsible for an excessive consumption of natural resources such as oil and gas. The depletion of these non-renewable fossil-fuels is extremely harmful to the environment. Thus, it has subsequently become apparent that the
permanent damage to the world’s storage of natural resources is the result of escalating consumption power of developed countries.

In conclusion, the idea that the development and financial prosperity of western countries inevitably leads to multiplication of environmental problems has strong support. After analysing the subject, it is recommended that wealthy countries have to attend to the ecological issues triggered by their industrial activities and growing consumption of natural resources.

Essay 2.

The issue of reasonably targeted government spending has always been a topic for discussion in democratic countries. It is often argued that tertiary education expenses should be included in the state budget. This essay will put forward the notion that the ruling power needs to channel financial resources into more vital spheres, such as health, rather than university education. The analysis of growing demand for educated people in the workforce and the prioritising of crucial areas of expenditure will prove the above stated position.

On the one hand, a free university degree is an extremely attractive prospect for many. Not to mention an increasing shortage of highly skilled workers in modern industries, where the implementation of complex technologies triggers the demand in educated personnel with academic credentials. Thus, it is quite explainable why the government funding of tertiary students is strongly backed.

However, the money of taxpayers ought to be spent purposefully, otherwise unjustified governmental spending can cause serious public concern. There is no doubt that the government should prioritise such crucial industries as medicine, when it comes to the distribution of budget money. Hence, it has become obvious that the health and well-being of the nation leave other prospective areas of government expenditure far behind.

In conclusion, the government has to take into consideration a large number of factors when deciding on the optimum allocation of the state budget. I believe that despite the fact that tertiary education can be a potentially beneficial area of government investment, on a large, nation- wide, scale it is much more important to spend financial resources of the country on more critical aspects of life.

Essay 3.

Natural giftedness is considered to be a decisive factor in the success of various professionals such as sportsmen or musicians. Nevertheless, it is sometimes argued that some people believe in power of rigorous training. The debate over the prevailing importance of nature versus nurture seems to be never-ending. Both sides of the argument will be analysed before a logical conclusion is drawn.

On the one hand, talent plays a crucial role, especially when it comes to outstanding achievements in the sphere of art or music. Plenty of world famous artists and musicians received very little or no education. The lack or absence of formal training does not stop talented people on their road to success. Thus, it is clear that talent is of primary importance in artistic carears demanding creativity, which cannot be nurtured.

On the other hand, hard work and persistence can have remarkable results, particularly in regards to sporting careers. Each and every sportsman planning to compete in such a serious event as the Olympic Games, for instance, spends four years doing regular physical exercises. Skills development appears to be of paramount importance for athletes. From this it becomes evident that it is possible to become successful via intensive training in sport.

To sum up, both sides of the argument over whether a natural gift or education can contribute more to a person’s achievement have strong support. My personal view is that both nature and nurture can play an important role in the success of people in different vocations. After analysing both camps, the conclusion can be drawn that predominant influence of either training or talent depends on the sphere of their application.

Essay 4.

Today, the majority of universities all over the world accept international students. Studying overseas can be both advantageous and detrimental to students, regardless of whether they spend one semester or whole course of studies abroad. This essay will put forward the idea that tertiary education in a foreign country has its positive and negative aspects. Analysing both mind-broadening experience and element of culture shock that overseas students are frequently exposed to will prove the above
mentioned statement.

First, it is well-known that visiting other countries is an immensely mind- broadening experience. For example, international students have ample opportunities to learn another educational system and subsequently extend their cultural awareness of the host country. Educational expenses differ significantly from country to country, since academic requirements are dictated by cultural peculiarities of the area. From this it becomes apparent that by studying abroad. People can acquire information and skills that can potentially be effectively applied in the modern globalised society where learning about other cultures is of paramount importance.

However, anyone living in a foreign country is eminently subjected to culture shock. For instance, international students unfamiliar with new sociocultural conditions and academic demands might find it difficult to succeed in their studies. The period of adoption to new circumstances can be extremely stressful, afflicting such serious psychological issues as depression. Thus, it has become clear why some experiences of overseas students can be quite negative.

In conclusion, studying abroad enables people to acquire useful knowledge and skills, though, simultaneously exposing students to intense psychological pressure. After analysing the subject? It has become quite evident that exciting and advantageous experiences of overseas students can, on the other hand, cause certain amount of disillusionment.

Essay 5.

Mass media have increasingly been influencing modern society. It is agreed that the impact of television and printed media on people’s lives can be both beneficial and detrimental. The analysis of the accessibility of information and the entertaining value of mass media as well as the exposure to harmful media content and reduced physical activity of TV viewers will prove the above stated position.

First, mass media allows easy and quick access to informationin the form of new programs, newspapers and educational TV channels, such as Discovery or National Geographic. Furthermore, the media is an excellent source of entertainment offering music, movies and TV shows at just the click of a button. From that it becomes apparent that mass media can make a positive recreational and informative contribution to poeple’s lives.

However, life in a media-enhanced society can have its drawbacks not only psychologically but but also physically. For example, some television companies frequently broadcast programs cantaining violence, which can be potentially harmful for young viewers. Another example of the negative influence of the media is, as mentioned before, the absence of physical activity while watching television, subsequently leading to the problem of obesity and its grave consequences such as diabetes and heart desease. Hense, is it clear why mass media is likely to have a disadvantageous impact on modern society.

In conclusion, the effect of mass media on people today is quite a controversial topic, since it can be positively influence society providing important data and relaxing entertainment, while simultaneously discouraging healthy lifestyle choices and exposing the young generation to psychologically damaging content. After analysing the subject, it is recommended that the members of modern society should be extremely discretional when it comes to the choice of the informative and recreational media sources.

Essay 6.

The era of industrialisation has seen many countries expand, subsequently raising the number of production plants. The lack of space in large cities forces many businesses to develop factories close to residential zones. One such developer is planning to build a large-scale production factory in our neighbourhood, thus, causing a heated debate over potential positive and negative impacts of the project on the life of the local community. Both sides of the argument will be analysed before a logical conclusion is drawn.
To begin with, one of the positive influences of the development of the factory on the community is the increase in the number of workplaces in the area. Consequently, the unemployment rates in the area can fall significantly, contributing to the prosperity of the local residents. Thus, it is quite obvious that the erection of the plant may bring some benefits to the

On the other hand, the production process will inevitable involve high noice levels and emission of pollutants into the atmosphere. Subsequently, the development of the factory will not only cause certain inconvenience, but also damage the ecology of the area. Hence, it is quite obvious that the effect of the project under discussion on the life of the community can be
extremely harmful.

In conclusion, the building of the plant in our neighbourhood can be seen to have its advantages and disadvantages. However, after analysing both camps, it has become apparent that despite some positive changes associated with potential employees, the minuses of the factory development far outweigh the pluses, because the consequences of the building project can be gravely dangerous to the health and well-being of the local residents.

Essay 7.

The benefits of higher education for potential employees cannot be overestimated. However, it is sometimes argues that joining the workforce on finishing school is more advantageous, especially in terms of gaining valuable work experience. The debate over prioritising university education versus early career start seems to be never-ending. Both sides of the argument will be analysed before logical conclusion is drawn.

On the one hand, tertiary qualifications provide employees with significant advantages in a competitive job market. An obvious example of this is the changing requirements even for low-skilled jobs, which tend to include at least a Bachelor’s degree as one of the essential criteria. Therefore, job candidates with no qualifications, if seeking promotion or willing to fill in a vacancy, are usually in a more unfavourable position in possession of more impressive credentials. Hence, it is clear that university education is of crucial importance when it comes to job hunting or climbing a career ladder.

On the other hand, a university degree takes at least several years to complete, and this time is lost in terms of work experience. For example, the jobs that include a lot of mechanically repetitive skills cannot be mastered theoretically and need extensive practice at a work place. Therefore, people who are willing to pursue a career of a shop assistant ao a mechanic might find it more beneficial to break into industry as soon as possible. Unfortunately, it is not the case with the professions that involve higher order thinking skills such as an engineer or a teacher.

In conclusion, the arguments both in favour of university education and against it have sound foundations. I believe that the choice between spending several years at university or going straight into the industry should be made depending on the type of career a person wants to pursue and how ambitious this individual is.

Essay 8.

The question of what it is to be an exemplary citizen has provokes an ongoing debate. Some people that income tax is a satisfactory contribution to the prosperity of the country, while others believe that a productive member of society should be also a social activist. Both sides of the argument will be analysed before a logical conclusion is drawn.

On the one hand, financial input into the well-being of the country is crucial for the effective functioning of society. Regular payments to the state treasury allow the government to finance projects in such vital spheres as health, education and extracting of energy resources. Therefore, income tax constitutes a significant contribution to the economy and subsequently the well-being of the country. Thus, it is quite explainable why some tax payers consider their support to the state financial system to be exhaustive.

On the other hand, it is impossible to be an exemplary citizen without active involvement in the social processes that take place in the country. An obvious example of this can be participation in national and local elections that allow members of society to take responsibility for and, therefore, decide the future of the nation. Hence, not only financial, but also decision-making contributions to the life of the society, are of paramount importance.

In conclusion, regular input into the financial system of the country in the form of taxes aw well as active participation in decision-making processes during such political events as elecions are essential aspects of exemplary citizenship. I believe that paying taxes is by no means a comprehensive contributionto the society, it is just one of the basic obligations of every law abiding citizen.

Essay 9.

The role of the adults in the process of bringing up their offspring cannot be overestimated. The intellectual capital and skills that parents possess are almost invariably inherited by younger generations. This essay will put forward the notion that parents are the most effective educators. The analysis of parenting as the most ancient pedagogical activity and the primary education role of parents in the era of formal schooling will support the above stated position.

First, from the beginning of time, before the teaching profession came into existence, parents had had an unshared responsibility for child rearing. For example, tens of thousands of years ago when formal schooling did not exist, it was the sole obligation of fathers and mothers to teach children how to survive. Therefore, parents are supported by the long standing traditional knowledge of raising children that has been passed on from generation to generation for many centuries. Thus, it is clear that parents are the most experienced educators.

Second, even after the mass education was introduced, parents remained to be the first and the closest teachers for their children. The most obvious example of this is the fact that a child does not start formal education
immediately after he or she is born, it is the parents who teach him or her the necessary life skills. Thereby, the initial stage of a child’s development as well as all home-related education, including the school homework, is the responsibility of his or her parents. Hence, it has become quite evident that parents have always played a paramount role in the educational process.

In summary, from the dawn of human existence to the present moment, the essential aspect of parent-child relationships has been the process of knowledge and skill acquisition that begins from the moment the child is born. There is no doubt that, being the most experienced and devoted teacher, a parent is unrivalled.

Essay 10.

Nowadays, obesity and overweight related deceases have become a growing cause of concern in some countries. Inactive lifestyles and popularity of fast food are among the most significant factors causing this social issue. It seems that urgent measures need to be taken in order to address these problems.

First, many people in the industrialised world lead passive lifestyle, spending most of their time behind office desks. Reduced physical activity contributes to rising numbers of overweight people, who are prone to suffering from such illnesses as high blood pressure and diabetes. Another worrying trend is the increasing number of fast food restaurants, resulting in a large quantity of people literally addicted to this unhealthy diet overloaded with saturated fats. Thereby, both sedentary lifestyles and excessive consumption of processed food have a detrimental impact on people’s health and fitness.

It is obvious that actions should be taken to solve these problems. One of the possible solutions to the issue of obesity could be, for instance, an introduction of fitness programs at work places. This would clearly the number of unfit and overweight people. Furthermore, the governments should introduce measures to combat the issue of increasing junk food consumption, for example, via social advertisements in mass media promoting healthy nutrition. Otherwise, people’s health will continue to worsen.

In conclusion, the lack of physical exercise and unbalanced diet will continue to cause the decrease in the levels of health and fitness in the future. Therefore, the only way to improve the situation is for the industries and governments to take immediate actions in the direction of encouragement of healthy lifestyles.